Terms and Conditions

Important Points
  1. Welcome to www.obaa.in
  2. Welcome to OBAA Services.
  3. Obaa services provide you with a good technical servicemen who is near by you. If the technician/ servicemen makes any mistakes and won't work properly. The problem does not belongs to obaa services, the problem belongs to technician. If you want to complain on the technician our company will provide complete detail about technician.
  4. Offer and discount are not applied to service inception charges.
  5. Obaa service are not responsible for any transaction or payment. If the customer does the directly with technician /servicemen obaa service product if payment is done only through an online gateway, because some of our technician are only linked they are not salary based, we keep on hold their amount and pay them after 1 week.
    If his work is satisfactory (without any complain) please do online payment so that we can control our technician.
  6. We strictly ensure you not to give any personal information regarding you.
  7. Obaa company have right to use the customer information of its own marketing purpose. Company send regular SMS updates to the mobile number registerd with it.
  8. If you want service today you must book it before 5pm. If you book after 5pm it may be not possible we will send today.
  9. Be along with the technician from arrival time to depture time and make the technoician do work. Obaa services is not responsible for any of you belongs which have been missed after the departure of technician.
  10. Inspection charge will be charged if our servicemen/ technician come to your address after arrival of servicemen to your addres. If you cancle the service at that tiime inspection will be charged.
  11. If you perform any transaction with servicemen personal without informing the obaa service, in that case company will not responsible for that damage.
  12. Servicemen/ technician may try to ask the personal information regarding your mobile number and other contact detail and they may harass you and criticize you by doing frequent calls for all this type of course our company is not responsible.
  13. The user information provide by you should be very accurate & genuine.
  14. The mobile number provided by you has been acquired under application belaw and you may be connect on the number. Way of call or SMS by our servicemen.